Bregantia & Rarjo

Rachael Reddin
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Breeders of:

  • Portuguese Water Dog

Owners of:

  • Basset Fauve De Bretagne
  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi

We have owned PWD for more than 30 years and we pride ourselves in breeding for type, health and great temperaments always quality not quantaty. All available health tests for this breed are undertaken.

Our dogs live in our family home and puppies are raised in the family environment.
We are Owners or Breeders of the Top winning PWD for 2008'09'11'13'14, Top Breeders for 2009'11'12'13'14.

Cardigan Corgi's are a new love of ours and we look forward to being part of the future of vulnerable native breed.

We no longer show our BFDB Louie but he is such a big part of our family and has a big input into the rearing of the younger dogs, we call him uncle Louie.

Coco, Webster, Jimmy & Blossom

Coco, Webster, Jimmy & Blossom

photo by: Byron Williams

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