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Ch Brichard Cliquot of Starwell ( Crufts 99 )

Ch Brichard Cliquot of Starwell ( Crufts 99 )

photo by: starwell

Starwell Temptation (Sophie) 05/09/1999 to 25/08/2

Starwell Temptation (Sophie) 05/09/1999 to 25/08/2

photo by:

Mei d'espinvesa at Sterwell

Mei d'espinvesa at Sterwell

Mei & Charlie

Mei & Charlie

photo by: Nick Ridley Photography

Dogs have been part of all our lives, I grew up with them, so did my husband and my children became involved in showing dogs from an early age.
We started with Boxers - we still have a very elderly Boxer in residence sadly she has since passed away (she gained her stud entry at a very early age) and 3 stately Briards, of whom, Sophie our own breeding went on to gain 2 cc's and 1 rcc.
We still show her now and again and there is nothing she likes more than
to roll around in the mud once she's back on home territory. ( sophie has since passed away RIP Sophie )
We have to thank Janet & Dave. Debbie Wilson for introducing us to this wonderfull breed many years ago and for puting us in touch with Cheryl Baker for our lovely boy Benji who we were lucky enough
to make into a champion. We made many friends worldwide and they were very happy times. Sadly Benji recently passed away. We miss him dearly.
I am a commitee member of the Catalan Sheepdog Club .
I deal with health & Wefare for the Catalan Sheepdog Club we currently have 2 Catalan Sheepdog Mei ( who we imported from spain ) who we are actively showing now we are on the import register .And the new kid on the block Charlie we imported charlie from sweden both have done the breed proud in the show ring and we will continue to show these beautiful dogs so people can see what a true Catalan is and what a pleasure they are to own.we are on the import register .
If you would like more information regarding the Catalan Sheepdog please feel free to contact me.

Mei D'Espinavesa at Starwell has been confirmed as TOP IMPORT FOR 2009 / 2010

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Current Litters

  • 12th February 2017 - Briard (Parents Health Tested)

Previous Litters

  • 3rd March 2015 - Briard (Parents Health Tested)
  • 9th April 2014 - Catalan Sheepdog (Parents Health Tested)
  • 27th June 2013 - Briard (Parents Health Tested)
  • 3rd May 2012 - Briard (Parents Health Tested)
  • 27th January 2010 - Catalan Sheepdog (Dam Health Tested)