Jan Bending
East Sussex

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  • Border Collie
Grandpa Tag and mum Cassie enjoying the moment

Grandpa Tag and mum Cassie enjoying the moment

photo by: JB and AD

We are a small kennel situated in the beautiful countryside of East Sussex.Our dogs live with us in the home and enjoy a wonderful life with walks on the beach at nearby Eastbourne,where rounding up seagulls is a favourite activity with the Border Collies,and in Friston Forest.
I have been involved with dogs all my life but the arrival of Megan(Fernhaven Double Delight at Bartok ) renewed my passion for Border Collies .My interest in Golden Retrievers developed soon after and we are fortunate to have now 6 beautiful collies and 3 Goldens.
The health and welfare of our dogs is paramount and each one is given as much individual attention as possible.And it is possible for dogs to be special and cherished when kept in large(ish) numbers.They all have pet passports and have enjoyed holidays in France and Hungary.
My attitude towards breeding dogs is simple.It should not be undertaken without consideration for the welfare of the bitch nor without regard for health of the breed. I am very committed to health screening and my Collies are all hip scored and eyetested and DNA tested for CEA/CH,CL, and TNS. All my breeding dogs are DNA clear for those conditions. I also eye test the puppies before they go to their new homes. All my dogs have the Gonioscopy test and all are clear of Goniodysgensis. This test is done to highlight predisposition to Glaucoma which sadly has entered the breed gene pool. It is by far the worst eye condition a dog can suffer, causing severe pain and blindness.
I take health and welfare issues very seriously. If you love a breed , you want to do the very best by it. That should mean caring for dogs as beloved family members and not as status symbols/accolade winners. It should mean ensuring that only the those dogs that are clear of the really important hereditary health issues that beset the breed are bred from.To do otherwise is cruel and irresponsible.
All my dogs enjoy ball games and other activities.They live in the home as members of the family.

I prefer puppies bred by me to go to loving, active pet homes. This is not to say that they do not have 'show potential', nor indeed that they will not excel in agility, flyball, and obedience -many already do and I am proud when I am informed of their achievements. I just feel that dogs do best in a human pack, as members of a family where they are allowed to interact with the family in their everyday lives/routines. Border Collies are an intelligent, sensitive breed and need space and stimulation. They should never be confined/locked away awaiting the next show !

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