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FCI, SCC & KC Registered Dobermann & Pinscher Kennel of "Wot a Thriller" is based in Normandy France, we are originally from the UK having bred Dobermanns for over 25 years & in more recent years Pinschers having great success with them including BOB at CRUFTS 2016 with Multi.Int.Ch Calvaxar Athena Wot a Thriller who is the top winning Pinscher in Europe with the most titles.
We have made up to date 35 Champions (12 Multi Chs & 7 Int.Chs) in 21 different countries, 14 Junior Champions in 7 different countries they have accumulated over 300 CACs over 100 CACIBs over 60 RCACIBs 20 CCs 10 RCCs numerous BOBs & Group Winners,
TOP FEMALE DOBERMANN in FRANCE 2012 Int.Multi.Ch.Firenze du Wot a Thriller. Her mother & Grandfather won the same awards in 2006
My Dobermanns originate from a mix of some of the best European & UK bloodlines,going back to the Top Stud dog of the early 80's American Import Rosecroft by the way to Bilsam whos lines where based on the Famous *Vom Ahrtal* Kennel of Tess Hensler,These are the lines of my first show/stud dog Ch & Ir.Ch Bilsam the Thriller,he was the last litter of Bill & Sam Govers well known kennel "Bilsam" who imported many dogs from the USA in the 70's i am proud to of owned such a super dog the foundation of my kennel.These lines i then mixed with some of the best of European breeding which has given me the bone, substance & beautiful strong heads, also the strong character to be able to work which i found was lacking in the UK dobes.
I pride myself in the fact that all my dogs are health tested for HD,PHPV/PHTVL VWD & DCM.

I show my dogs all over Europe & train them for French Working Tests CSAU, TAN, TAT, TC & RING i also partipate in ZTPs ,a German Fit for Breeding test which involves "conformation,Character Testing & Health tests".
Please feel free to browse my website for upto date information.

International & Multi CH Rensdorff Evsey at Keyala

International & Multi CH Rensdorff Evsey at Keyala

photo by: With his daughter

"ZTP V1A" Hamburg Germany *Best Test of the day*
World Veteran Winner 2011
EDTW Veteran Winner 2010
Luxembourg Veteran Champion 2010
IDC Vetren Sieger 2009
*CHAMPION of Dobermann Club Of FRANCE 2008

Luxembourg Junior Champion "Breed Specialist Mr Charrier"
Belgium Club Champion "Breed Specialist Madame Lynn Glass"
"Lisbon Winner" 2008
*Best Champion* National Elavage Dobermann Club of France *Alsace* Breed Specailist Mr Doubai 2008

Health HD *A+*
PHPV Clear

DCM *FREE* last tested Maison Alfort (Paris) *Dopler*
May 2011

Genetic DNA Identity ,France ,Spain Belgium & UK

Chein Recomended for the Dobermann Club of France, Selectionaire Ex *A*,every time shown at the National Elevage (Breeders) show,

Winner of the French National Championships 2007 "Beed Specialist Mr Naveda"
Winner of the Spanish National Championships 2008 "Breed Specialist Mr Marachetti"
16 CACs 10 CACIBs 4 RCACIBs,9 BOBs
2 x BIS Dobe Club of France 1 RBIS DCF (Beaten by his Daughter) Best Brown Male DCF National Elevage(breeders)
Mante-la-jolie DCF Ex1"A" selectionaire(recondmend for breeding)
Alsace DCF Ex1"A" selectionaire(recondmend for breeding)* Best Champion*
Crufts Qualified for 2008,& 2009
Working/Character tests French
CSAU. TAN-TAT 18/20 * Champagne*
TAT 19/20 *Malestoit*

TEST of CHAMPION 18/20 *Alsace* 2008

International & Multi CH Rensdorff Evsey at Keyala

International & Multi CH Rensdorff Evsey at Keyala

photo by: Wot a Trhiller

"ICE " after Winning Best Male "CACIB"
"French National Championship"

Ch Keyalas Wot a Dream

Ch Keyalas Wot a Dream

photo by: GAD


Luxembourg Champion
Netherlands Champion +"Amsterdam Winster, BOB 2006"
Luxembourg Junior Champion
Contender for Champion of France

Best Brown Female French National Championships
Best Brown Female French National Elevage
Selection for DCF Champion
Mante-la-jolie Ex1"A" selectionaire(recomend for breeding)
Arnhem Holland *International Group Winner* working group & 3 Best in Show

17 CACs ,7CACIBs 3 RCACIBs,1 rcac,8 BOBs
CSAU (French Obedience)

Health HD *B+*
PHPV Clear
VWD CLEAR (parentage DNA)

Keyalas wot Kotka (Hank) & Crystal at brehal

Keyalas wot Kotka (Hank) & Crystal at brehal

photo by: Alain Law


Ch Sant Kreal Utro Servera
ZTP SG1A Hamburg Germany

*Champion of Luxembourg*

*Test of Champion* 18/20 2008 *Alsace*

Health HD *B+*,
PHPV Clear,
DCM *Free* 11,2008, Dopler test Paris
DCM *FREE* tested at Maisons Alfort (Paris) *Dopler*
DCM *FREE* tested at Nantes August 2010, Dopler
Genetic DNA Identity UK

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  • 4th June 2017 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)

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  • 28th February 2017 - Dobermann (Parents Health Tested)
  • 22nd November 2016 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 20th August 2016 - Dobermann (Parents Health Tested)
  • 7th March 2016 - Dobermann (Sire Health Tested)
  • 20th December 2015 - Dobermann (Sire Health Tested)
  • 14th June 2015 - Dobermann
  • 18th February 2015 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 28th September 2014 - Dobermann (Sire Health Tested)
  • 1st August 2014 - Dobermann (Parents Health Tested)
  • 30th May 2014 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 20th December 2013 - Dobermann
  • 22nd July 2013 - Dobermann
  • 1st July 2013 - Miniature Pinscher
  • 1st January 2013 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 14th March 2012 - Dobermann (Sire Health Tested)
  • 15th January 2012 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 18th October 2011 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 6th April 2011 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 1st January 2011 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 6th November 2010 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 7th January 2010 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 30th December 2009 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 31st December 2008 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 25th December 2008 - Dobermann (Dam Health Tested)
  • 18th September 2007 - Dobermann (Parents Health Tested)