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Ch Corsini Troubadour

Ch Corsini Troubadour

photo by: Amanda McLaren

Ch Magnum de la Clairiere aux Louves

Ch Magnum de la Clairiere aux Louves

photo by: Amanda McLaren

Ch Corsini La Boheme

Ch Corsini La Boheme

photo by: Johnson

34 Corsini Tervueren Champions! Top Tervueren Breeder in the UK 2015

I first saw this lovely breed when I lived in Zaire in Africa. As it was a former Belgian colony many ex-patriots lived there and a number of them owned Belgian Shepherds - mostly Groenendaels. I owned small dogs in those days, but I resolved that when we moved back to Europe I would also own one of this beautiful breed. Somewhat na´ve to think I could stop at one!

Speaking fluent French, from the beginning I was able to make contact with breeders in Belgium and France and quickly became smitten with the elegance and beauty of continental dogs. Consequently over the years I have been involved in importing a number of dogs from both Belgium and France, many of whom have had a dramatic influence on the breed in the United Kingdom and who have formed the basis of my breeding lines.

Over the years I have bred 34 champions, and my Tervueren at home currently range from youngsters to much loved veterans. Not having children my dogs are my babies and are spoiled accordingly! When puppies are available they are reared in the home and well socialised to adapt them for their future life as part of the family. My dogs are very much house dogs and I feel strongly that even those puppies which go as future show dogs must also be kept as well loved pets! I am based in Middlesex, just 20 minutes from London Heathrow Airport.

For many years I was involved in the Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britain, serving for one year as assistant secretary, then a further five years as newsletter editor.

I have been privileged to judge Belgians all over the world including Belgian Shepherd breed specialties in Holland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, United States, Australia, Canada and Hungary, and have judged at the most famous of all international Belgian Shepherd events: the French National Specialty held during the month of August.

We occasionally have puppies available, and enquiries are welcome for show, obedience, agility, and companion dogs. We can be contacted on 01784 458969 or e-mail:

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