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  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Mint showing off her big win.

Mint showing off her big win.

photo by: J Flinck (Breeder)

We aim to breed puppies that have fantastic temperaments and we only use dogs which have correct confirmation and movement. Our dogs are a part of our family and live in the house with us. All our Cardi's are PRA clear by hereditary clearance or DNA testing.

All puppies go to their new home microchipped, wormed, Kennel Club Registered, Insured and with an extensive puppy pack, backed up by phone support for any problems at any time during their life.

We welcome visitors to come and meet the dogs and to find out more about us and them.

All our dogs are socialised extensively both in the home and out and about. They are a big part of our family and the puppies are handled from day one by our children, and any visitors get to meet all the dogs.

We are also involved closely with School and are currently working to start a "Reading with Dogs" program as part of the Special Needs unit at the boy's Senior school.

Bob enjoying the Garden

Bob enjoying the Garden

photo by: Jo Lovell

Tansy in Springtime

Tansy in Springtime

photo by: Jo Lovell

The first of our Cardigan Corgis, Tansy is someone who everyone falls in love with. At Crufts 2009 she was Awarded Best Puppy in Breed. She has continued to do well in the show ring. 2010 saw the arrival of her first litter and her babies have brought so much enjoyment to us, and to their new owners, several of which have waited a very long time for a "Tansy Pup".

Tansy is hipscored with a 4:5 = 9

Tansy loves attending Discover dogs along with Dillon and between them they encourage new owners to this fantastic breed. Tansy is now retired from breeding and will continue with Breed Promotion along with being our family pet. We do have 2 of Tansy's pups and now have a grandson.

Liebehund Dream Lord (Comfrey)

Liebehund Dream Lord (Comfrey)

photo by: Jo Lovell

Liebehund Dream Lord better known as "Comfrey" is our first home bred boy. He has a very outgoing character as well as being extremely well constructed. As well as being clear for PRA we have had his eyes visually screened and he received a "Clear" status.

We now have one of his son's and we look forward to watching him grow and develop.

We also have the handsome Joseter Sebasco at Liebehund (Dillon), who has been awarded several Best Puppy in Breed. We have also had Dill hip scored and he has a 7:6 = 13. Dill has already fathered 2 litter and they have all fab characters and several have done very well in the show ring.

Our aim to is breed dogs who are sound in mind and body. We socialise our pups from day 1 and people who are having a puppy from us are encouraged to visit regularly.

We are proud of our health test results and will continue to test over and beyond the KC requirements.

We started out with GSDs and then introduced the Cardigans. Sadly we have become disollusioned with the way the GSD breed is going and have decided to stop breeding them. Cardigans came into our lives after a request from our youngest son for a dog they could walk. This request lead to the introduction of Tansy, never knowing how addictive the breed would be. Very rapidly our pack grew. Not only breeding our own dogs, but also importing two girls in from Finland so we can widen the gene pool. We now have 3 generations of Cardigan's living with us.

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