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Golden Oldies in 2006

Golden Oldies in 2006

photo by: J. H. Middleton

Good Citizens

Good Citizens

photo by: J. H. Middleton

Like so many people we began with a pet bought as a birthday present - Bridie (Amethyst at Tredegar of Dornoir) in the mid 80's and were persuaded to show. Though not extensively shown she achieved her Stud Book Number.

I had always been associated with dogs (my mother had Chow-Chows and Pekes) but decided to handle myself with the acquisition of two black Danes (my favourite colour) Leah and Ebony. Leah (Fassano Beril the Peril) was the elegant English type and Ebony (Fassano Pansy Potter) the solid Germanic type. Both achieved B.I.S. at Open Shows, one at the old Aughton Show Centre and the other at Loughborough.

In 1989 wanting to continue showing, I took out the affix "Dornoir", which means Black and Gold. The first litter of Fawn Danes produced Fern (Dornoir Aphrodite of Amethyst J.W.) who in 19xx was joint top winning Fawn and gained her Stud Book Number as well going B.I.S. at Mountsorrel.

A litter of Black and Blue Danes followed in the next year producing Bethan (Dornoir Freya J.W.) who was top Black on one occasion, gained her Stud Book Number and was a regular winner. Her daughters Natasha (Dornoir Sacre Blue J.W.) and Brianna (Dornoir Gersemi) followed. Natasha was top Blue for 3 years, the only bitch of any colour ever to do so, gained a C.C. - the only Blue bitch since 1989 to achieve this. Later at age 8 and 9 she became top veteran bitch. Brianna gained a reserve C.C. was top Black bitch and top veteran and at 10 years 9 months is still with us. She also has her Gold K.C. Good Citizen award and would still complete a full agility course at 9.

Dominic (Dornoir Aegir) was not so widely shown but as a stud dog made his mark on the colours. He died this year at 10 years 6 months.

Tamsin (Dornoir Dectera J.W.) was Natasha's daughter. She gained her Stud Book Number and had many puppy wins, but was more lightly shown, as her mother was still showing so well. She produced Crystal (Dornoir Erin J.W.) who gained a reserve C.C. and was top Blue bitch for three years (top blue had been split into dog and bitch by then). She went B.I.S. at the Northern Great Dane Club Show as well as many other wins.

Blaise (Dornoir Emer) another of Natasha's daughters won her class at Crufts, but has also been lightly shown as Crystal was doing well. She has produced Marina (Dornoir Aideen) who has just begun her showing career.

Bianca (Dornoir Last Chance) was roughly handled at her first show and although having a number of wins has been shown sparingly, but she does enjoy agility.

With the loss of my Fawn line, I bought in Danemoor Hot Gossip J.W. - reserve C.C. and she did well for me in the ring winning the Premier League. Her son, Callum (Dornoir Tostig) is presently in the ring and doing well. He will stand at stud to approved bitches later this year. Her daughter Bracken (Dornoir Special News), has her Stud Book Number and was top Fawn bitch.

I am a show breeder who only breeds when wanting a pup to follow on in the ring. My dogs are pets first and show dogs after. All go to obedience and six of them have their K.C. Good Citizen Awards and some enjoy agility work. My lines are noted for their sweet temperaments, a must if they are to go to pet homes. They are from solid British lines with the addition of top class imported stock.

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