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  • Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
Miadsc Boogie Woogie (Indi)

Miadsc Boogie Woogie (Indi)

Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc (Tanzi)

Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc (Tanzi)





We are a family of dog lovers. Firstly and primarily our dogs are our pets. I take great pride in training all our dogs through the Kennel Club Good Citizen dog training system passing their Bronze, Silver and Gold tests. We Successfully Show and work our Wire's on a local shoot as well as taking part in Working Tests. We feel that this allows us and our Wires to enjoy life to the full.

Our first Wire came to us in 2005. We didn't know at that time how much this was going to enrich and change our lives forever. Ayita Wedding Day of Miadsc (Lexi) touched our hearts in a very special way. She is the most easy going adorable dog you could ever meet. She is beautiful from the tip of her nose through to her heart and her soul. It has been said "A real ambassador for this very special breed". We kept a bitch puppy out of Lexi's first litter. She is Miadsc Diamond (Darci). Miadsc being the first two initials of our three very handsome sons. We pronounce it Mia-Dasc. We then got our lovely Moricroft Mayzi at Miadsc. Then came along Handsome boy Phoenix Rising around Miadsc (Ozz) (Co-owned with Chris Broderick). We kept a lovely little bitch puppy out of Mayzi's litter, that's our Miadsc Boogie Woogie (Indi) and in a mad moment that I don't regret for one second we acquired our wonderful pocket rocket Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc (Tanzi) . In October 2015 Indi produced her first litter of 10 fabulous puppies. A very hard choice as to who was the "chosen one" We kept Teazle - Miadsc Precious Pearl who is co-owned with Kim Kaye.

Our aim is to Love, Enjoy, Promote and Progress this wonderful breed. They are like no other breed of dog.

We have the occasional litter of puppies. feel free to contact us about the breed.

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