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BERGERAC MISTINGUETTE (daughter of Volkan)

BERGERAC MISTINGUETTE (daughter of Volkan)

My first encounter with this wonderful breed was in 1977 when I fell in love with the outstanding grey male, Zellik Alexis at CRUFTS. I was very pleased to acquire a son late that year. Sadly he contacted leptospirosis and died. After a short wait I was able to have a grand daughter, Delator's Fays les Veneurs, Sharna and that was the trigger for my affix, Zarna.
For more than thirty years (doesn't time fly?), this affix has been synonymous with a small family kennel that produces Tervueren and in the past Groenendael, who are loving, loyal and full of fun. Temperament and health are of paramount importance ranking with type to produce the best results for Belgians to work rest and play with.
Imports have been brought from Holland, France, Sweden as well as Belgium to provide new and exciting breeding lines.
Both Tervueren and Groenendael have been exported to Scandanavia, where their progeny have carried the family traits excelling both in the show ring and the working arena. In 2002, a young male went to South Africa to join the top Gralengrove kennel. Due to the death of the owner, Helen Stead, a son of Zarna Magnet, Gralengrove Gusto is the only remaining stud dog available from this kennel of legendary champions.
All our puppies are home reared and all parents are hip scored and eyetested clear. Puppy owners are encouraged to continue this practise with a financial incentive.
I have been approved to award CC's in this special breed and have had the pleasure of judging in the UK, Scandanavia and South Africa.
In support of my interest in Temperament and Health, I am also an approved Temperament Assessor having been schooled by the late Terry McHaffie and keep personal health records for the breed, supplying detailed generation reports on request.
Puppies are occasionally available.

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