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Irish Show Champion Alayglow Neper

Irish Show Champion Alayglow Neper

photo by: tony iley

omar is our homebred boy who has done very well in the ring gaining bobs,1 green star.7 best gundog puppy at open show level,1 best puppy at champ show level.and a best puppy in show amd is consistantley placed at all the show he attends ,he is a lovely boy to live with ,has a kind gentle nature and is doing well at abedience.

Mistyayre Salavador At Alayglow

Mistyayre Salavador At Alayglow

"Theo" is our current stud dog, he was shown up untill junior and did very well numerus BOBs, 2 green stars, 1 res green stars he then decided he was a reluctent shower and has retired and enjoying being lazy.Theo is the father our previous litter,this produced Alaglow Neper, he also recently mated a working bitch(9 pups again) who we here are excelling in the field. He has now been used on our other bitch "Merganser dilly dally through Alayglow".

Merganser Centerpiece in Alayglow

Merganser Centerpiece in Alayglow

"Lexi"came from Des Flaherty& Sue Reddyhough we loved the look of Weiser (sh ch Isara Kurzhaar Wooster for Merganser)and knew the breeding of mum cassie(Cardiel of Blackwood Loch for Merganser)we simply fell in love with Lexi. Lexi had an accident at a very young age that made us unable to show her tho she did have a few outings gaining a couple of BOBs & a res green star. She now excels at obedience (when she feels like it?) she also goes to agility which she loves. Lexi is the mother of our new star Omar ( Alayglow Neper) we also have merganser dilly dally through alayglow tali is a repeat mating of lexi and again we went to look and came home with her she has done very well in the show ring gaining many bobs,and 4 res green stars she also excels at obedience(when she can stay awake!!) she is a fun dog to live with and has been mated to theo

Ir Sh Ch Cardiel Elekra at Alayglow SH.CM

Ir Sh Ch Cardiel Elekra at Alayglow SH.CM

As we always do we went to see Alan & Margaret Serrels latest litter and we both fell in love with a very flashy bitch they called snowflake; as the weeks went past all of the litter were sold & wehad a call from Alan(can you come and see us)we did and they gave us the bitch (Hope) Hope has done us proud in the show ring,she was the first gsp in scotland to gain her, her awards are to many to mentionbut include Best in show&res Best in show,3green stars,2 resgreen stars

The first gsp came to Alayglow in 1991 this was"Baron of Balach na Ba"or Harvey as he was known.This dog cemented a continued love of this breed.He was a great ambasador,faithfull pet and friend and what fun i had in and out of the show ring with my old friend. We now have 6 gsps all house dogs living with children,cats & us!! The breed are very special as you will know if you have had one not for the faint hearted! but a pleasure to live with if handled correctly.we still have panopal dove of alayglow going strong at 12 years old she is full of character and now spends her days on the sofa at home and keeping the others in check!!

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