Danjerrie Rotts & Bordeaux

Mrs Michelle Lane
South Ockendon
0798 981 9833

Breeders of:

  • Rottweiler
  • Dogue De Bordeaux

Owners of:

  • Bulldog


Squiggle (Lady Bibi At Danjerries) and Dannie

Squiggle (Lady Bibi At Danjerries) and Dannie

My stunning girl Jazzmin.

My stunning girl Jazzmin.

Peggy !!

Peggy !!

photo by: When she was cute !! xx

Hi my name is Michelle and these are my dogs, Summer,Jazzmin, Squash, Squiggle,Moose and my new addition Peggy.

We bought our house 12 years ago and with the house came this lovely 11 year old Rottweiler called Carlie, who got on great with my 3 children too. She is the one that got me into the Rottie's. She was such a gentle and kind old girl. As she was getting on we decided to get another one, Hollie.

I then started going to different training clubs and then decided that I would like to show. We bred Hollie in 2004 and kept our lovely 'Summer'. She's a nice bitch, and we have learnt together with all the ring craft classes. We have now been to quite a few champ shows where Summer has got quite a few placings, and has truley matured into a stunning female with a fantastic expression.

We have now bred from Summer with CH Travillon Rant and Rave JW and kept a stunning little bitch Jazzmin!!! We look forward to getting her out in the ring in the new year and seeing what this little girl has to offer.

Then came along squash. It is a breed that I have always loved. Searching the net for months and various phone calls I finally found what I was looking for. She's a lovely big bitch and so energertic around the garden and over fields until she gets into the show ring.....!!!! Not amused!!!! Squash will continue to sleep on the trampoline in the garden, in the sun, and maybe one day may re-enter the show ring.....!!! But i wont hold my breath.

Now it's just an addicition.... and now here's my other new addition Squiggle (Bordeaux). She is now 2 and half and is full of character, and isn't bothered by anything. She on the other hand loves the show ring...!!! She is maturing nicely, and is always being complimented on her movement, and is a nice solid bitch, and so cuddly too!!!!

I am extremely proud of all of my dogs, their nature, their obeidence and each individual characters, and especially their loyalty to me.

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