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photo by: photo by firesrye

photo by: photo by firesrye

photo by: photo by firesrye

photo by: photo by firesrye

we are located in Northamptonshire(Daventry) here at firesrye we are not a kennel all our dogs live in the home and are first and formost much loved family members.

My girls will only produce a litter when i feel the time is right, and they will need to be both physically and mentally able to cope will the added stresses of motherhood.

All firesrye puppies puppies are all born and raised in the house where they spend the first 8 weeks in the lounge as members of our family, they are introduced to the others dogs as soon as their eyes are open. we make every effort to insure they are used to every day comings and goings that evey household has, all puppies leave here with a puppy pack, bag of food, diet plan, also advice on exercise,grooming, 6 weeks free insurance and a life time of back up from us.
You will also be asked to sign a contract which states that we will take back any puppy we have breed regardless of age and that the said puppy will never be sold on to a third party.

I would just like to add that neither blue or white german shepherds are rare they are of non standard colour so are therefor not worth any more or infact any less then their correctly coloured counterparts

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