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Tiamastae Designer Dressed

Tiamastae Designer Dressed

photo by: Pete

One of our home bred puppies. When we breed it is because we are wanting a puppy for ourselves. In this case we have been very lucky indeed. She is a beauty in nature and looks.

Tiamastae Ruby Tuesday

Tiamastae Ruby Tuesday

photo by: Kershaw

Tiamastae Ruby Tuesday First at her LKA in a strong MPB class as well as a number of firsts ang first in group placings at open shows. What a little beauty you are my little mud magnet. She gained her stud book number here at 16 months old. Well done Kimmichu!

Tiamastae Boshay Nyima

Tiamastae Boshay Nyima

photo by: Alex

What a beautiful boy. You are a little star full of mischief and good humour. Love you little man. Yoshi qualified for Crufts 2017 in style having gained a 2nd place in his first champ show followed by a first and another second at champ shows. A bright future ahead I think.

tiamastae Teacup Tartlet

tiamastae Teacup Tartlet

photo by: breeder

Tiamastae Teacup Tartlet Charlesworths Tiamastae Teacup Tartlet, the minute this b/w bitch glided into the ring, walking happily alongside her handler on a long loose lead, my first thought was what on earth a bitch of this quality was doing in this class. Set up, she stood freely, simply gazing up adoringly at her handler, showing so demonstrably the beauty of moderation. Her outline is so classical & everything fits and flows so you are not drawn to a giraffe like neck or Shepherd like rear, just a perfectly harmonious outline which screams the breed and no other. Furthermore her coat was spotlessly clean & well groomed but still looked serviceable & rugged , rather than being reminiscent of a giant Yorkie. On the table she is a joy to go over, everything fits and flows and she is in wonderful condition. On the move she gave me goosebumps with effortless ground covering action, accuracy up and down and superb lightness of foot. Her unassuming handler is truly gifted as he has clearly mastered the art of getting his charge to perform and give her all with just the use of carefully concealed bait and does it pay dividends. For me she was the find of the day, she thrilled me totally and it is a mystery why she is still in this class. She truly deserves her title and more. Critique by Andrew H Brace

We are a small show kennel that works along side Brimblebec. For more information on both our breeds please email. Thank you

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