The Rosemullion affix was granted to me over 10 years ago although we had admired this lovely breed for several years and acquired our first Gordon Setter in 1994. Before breeding our first litter, I undertook the Animal Care College, Dog Breeding Diploma in preparation and in 1998 our first litter was born. Then as now, I only plan a litter when I myself intend to retain a puppy, therefore litters are only very occasional.
More recently I returned to college where I obtained OCN Intermediate Dog Grooming Certificate which covered not only grooming but many related subjects.
I currently own 4 Gordon Setters and all live as part of the family, enjoying life to the full whether it be galloping through the woods or curled up in front of the woodstove at the end of the day.

Mrs Julie Fuller
West Sussex
01798 342756

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