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  • Siberian Husky

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  • Finnish Lapphund
Silver-Sno Wolf with his mother Silver Dollar

Silver-Sno Wolf with his mother Silver Dollar

photo by: Jenny Manley

Skimarque Silver Dollar ( Drift) res. Best Brood Bitch Scottish Siberian Husky Club 2005.

Drift is now retired her pups are still earning her points in the show ring. Her son Skimarque Silver-Snow Wolf is now at Stud and I can see he is carrying on his mothers type and temperment.

Silver-Sno Fox with her Mother Silver Dollar

Silver-Sno Fox with her Mother Silver Dollar

photo by: Jenny Manley

Drift with her daughter Skimarque Silver-Sno Fox (Silver)

Skimarque First Lady with Skimarque Crystal Rose

Skimarque First Lady with Skimarque Crystal Rose

photo by: Jenny Manley

Skimarque First Lady (Buffy) has been a wonderful bitch she has only had two litters.
In Sept 2005 Buffy went to Denmark to find her prince, A'Teb's Winner Xtra of Wolf, she returned and had 5 beautiful pups (Winner is Ch. Nay-La-Chee's Cool'n Rude Wolf's son).

Skimarque Crystal Rose now lives in Denmark and at her first show, in Denmark, she was Best Puppy judge Sally Leich (Forstals Siberian Huskies) I handled her at 18 months old and she won the Bitch Cert. her first.

Skimarque kennels were established in the early 1970's.

I have always breed to the middle line of the breed standard for dogs that are capable of winning in the show ring and also be able to run in harness.
Temperment is very important to me the breed are well know for their good temperment.
They are not a novice breed and need a wide understanding of the breed before any one decides that they want to introduce a dog into their family.

I judge the breed both in the Uk and abroad and I handle Siberian Huskies for a Danish kennel. I have several show winning Siberian Huskies in Denmark I also have dogs dog that are now running internationally with a Danish teams.

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In December 2006 a boy from my kennels was the first Siberian Husky to be exported to Russia to help with their breeding program and to be shown and raced.

I handled Siberian Huskies that were racing at the 2006 Winter Olympics at Frais high in the Italian Alps
giving me a greater understanding of snow racing at World and international standard.

Skimarque continue to breed Standard fitting Siberian Huskies.
I have imported a bitch from Latvia her father is a Snowmist dog and with my Skimarque Quicksilver Fox who also carries Snomist I am looking forward to their pups now 6 months old being shown this spring 2017.

Siberian Huskies need company and we will only consider homes where dogs will not be left alone for long periods. A good background understanding of this breed is an advantage. Please read the breed guide on the Siberian Husky Breed pages of Champ Dogs before thinking about owning a Siberian husky of any Age.

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