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Philabars Lady In Red

Philabars Lady In Red

photo by: Photo by David Bull

Our beloved Teela, won well in the ring sadley we lost her to cancer at ony five years old, but she left us a wounderful legacy in her ofspring.We have had some great boxers over the years many top winners, but to me they were my best friends, and i will always be greatful for spending so many years with this woundrful loyal and noble breed, We do not breed boxers now but i can point you in the right direction for a well breed healthy puppy or help with advice.

ShiroblamJazzmania Via Philabar

ShiroblamJazzmania Via Philabar

photo by: Photo By Neville Turton

Our lovley Jazz, this bitch is well breed and has the most lovley temprament and she is very loving and a real daddy's girl.She has had a great deal of succses in the show ring winning 2CC and 3RCC, we no longer breed the Fauves and Jazz is now retired from the show ring and spending her days stretched out on the sofa.

Philabars Spellbinder

Philabars Spellbinder

Our new hopeful for the show ring, is our lovely girl out of our Lottie. She has had a great start to her show carrier, winning best puppy bitch and Best puppy in Show at the breed club championship show, then toped the weekend of by winning Reserve Best puppy in Show the next day at our local open show. Now 18 months old and still continuing her winning ways always being in the line up at championship shows, but most importantly she is a joy to live with, a total fruit loop that makes us laugh every day.

Rushingwell Diamond Blush At Philabar.

Rushingwell Diamond Blush At Philabar.

My little Lottie is 5 years old, shs's full of life and always doing something she shouldent, and i love her, she will be leaving the showing to her Daughters as she was never that impressed with it and prefers to spend her time curled up in her blanket on the sofa or in our bed..She has all her current health tests and breed DNA Clear of early onset cataracts.

I have been involved with dogs all my life.I am on the British Boxer comittee and was on the Basset Fauve De Bretagne Club Committiee for 18 years. I'm also on the new Black and Tan Coonhound club committee and look forward to helping establish this wonderful breed in this country. i judge most breeds in the working group and the hound group and i give CC in the fauves, and i am on the Blist for the Boxers and whippets, and the C list for many other breeds in hounds and working group. I have two lovely daughters who became top junior handlers them self's now grown up with their own children. My oldest daughter still shows, she is showing her dachshund's. I have three gorgeous grandsons. We have had boxer's in the family since i was born, my grandad had one as a pet, and was also involved in hounds.We started showing the Boxers in the early 80's but we done obedience with them first for a few years, then some fly ball and agility. The Fauves joined our family in the early 90's. In between we also had Bullmastiffs, not for show, but we did do some obedience and tracking with them, we also had a couple of Hamiltonstovare's that we showed and did very well with them.As the years went by we have been very lucky and been very successful in the show ring gaining many top awards.Sadly my health declined and found the large dogs to much for me and had to stop handling the dogs,now we have no big dogs at all and i miss them very much. My husband still handles other breeds for other people. I was missing my my beloved boxers so very much and wanted a breed as near to them in temprment as i could get. Then in 2005 we count our self's very lucky to have meet Paul and Margaret Singer of the Rushingwell Boston Terriers,we became very close friends and still are, over the next few yeas i came to love the boston terrier very much and in 2010 my dreams come true when Paul and Margaret gave me a lovley boy named zest, he has been my constant companion ever since. Then we became the proud owners of our second Boston a bitch in 2012 her name is Lottie, i love my dogs they all live in the house and above every thing they are our beloved pets first.If you have any quiries about any of my breeds do get in touch i am happy to talk dog all day, i have been lucky to have lernt from some of the best and more than happy to help others, you never stop learning, to own a happy well balanced dog is a great feeling and that come's with training and patience, exorcize discipline and love, to me a home is not a home with out a dog in it.

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