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Heidi vom Bakino HD: 4/3 ED: 0/0 BH ZTP

Heidi vom Bakino HD: 4/3 ED: 0/0 BH ZTP

photo by: Jon Becker

Heidi vom Bakino-HD:4/3 ED:0/0 German ADRK qualified charecter and temperment tests: BH and ZTP.
Heidi is one of only 5 bitches in the UK which have qualified these tests in Germany proving her temperment is outstanding and correct. Heidi has just been bred to German champion DEVIL VD MEHRER MUHLE -http://www.rottweiler/ HD-Frei>> ED-Frei(ADRK) BH,AD, VPG 3,ZTP,Körung , gek. bis DEUTSCHER CHAMPION VDH>> CHAMPION OF SERBIA KLUBSIEGERZUCHTSCHAU 2010 WK V2 RHEINLANDSIEGER 2011. Devil is large and substantial male with excellant show success and top temperment tests. We are very proud to have Devils first pups in the UK and this is the only litter in the UK this year where both parnets have german temperment tests.

Isabella vd Blockhutte HD:0/0 ED: 0/0

Isabella vd Blockhutte HD:0/0 ED: 0/0

photo by: Jon Becker

Isabella vd Blockhutte-HD:0/0 ED 0/0. Out of the hugely successfull breeding between Orlando von Hause Neubrand and Ambra vd Blockhutte, Issy is full litter sister to Ixa vd Blockhutte who can be seen at Isy came to us at 4 years old from my cousin who bought her as a puppy and she is a credit to his vision, care and vd Blockhutte-we are very proud to have here here with us.

Panther Crni Lotos HD: 3/3 ED: 0/0

Panther Crni Lotos HD: 3/3 ED: 0/0

photo by: Jon Becker

Panther Crni Lotos HD:3/3 ED: 0/0 Haemophilia Clear. Born in 2003 in Yugoslavia, a direct son to Ramzes Crni Lotos and full litter brother to Python Crni Lotos, we imported Panther as a puppy.
He is retired now but was used three times at stud:
Once to Samka vd Quellen Deome where he produced a Crufts class winner and Uk champion;
Once to Di McCan's imported bitch where be produced Parveno Yuri 'Tinkerbell' who was the first Rottweiler IPO111 Working Champion of the UK under John Johnsons excellant handling;
Once to our own imported bitch Tosca vd Quellen Deome where he produced Good Citizen dogs, a registered Therapy Dog and a dog blood doner.
He has never produced a poor hip or elbow score, and his temperment is excellant.
He was tested for Haemophilia to quash unfounded rumours from within the UK show fraturnity-individuals who subsequently admitted they had made it all up to discredit his breeding! :)lol.
We are very proud of him.

We are a small Uk kennel exclusively using 100% newly imported German and European bloodlines.

We are very proud to have been the first Uk kennel where every adult was hip and elbow tested with breedable scores and to have been one of the three founder members of the British Rottweiler Sports Dog Club(BRSDC).

We breed for the complete dog-beauty, brains and health.

Thank you

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