Daleabbey Bestseller - Rupert

Daleabbey Bestseller - Rupert

photo by: John & Louise Hill

John has been working with dogs all of his life. As a keen shot he trains our dogs to work.

My interest was primarily the showring and I was lucky enough to have started with some nice bitches.

Our main priority in the breeding program is to continue with the superb temperament we already have. All our breeding stock is hip scored and eye tested annually and our stud dogs are only available to bitches who hold low hip scores and current clear eye certificates.

We are always happy to try and help with any Labrador related problems, either by telephone or e-mail.

We (The daleabbey dogs and humans!) were recently asked to participate in a new DVD about the Labrador.

John & Louise Hill
The Firs
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Breadsall Village
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