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Bramble, Megan and Hector

Bramble, Megan and Hector

photo by: Mrs. D. Sinclair

Left to Right - 3 Generations : -
Will O The Wisp Tilly, then her daughter Netherstead Fine Soft Day, then her son Netherstead Madero Negra

I started breeding labradors 15 years ago & have progressed to owning 16 dogs! They all have low hip scores, clear eye certificates & are all tested clear for prcd PRA,whilst this is extremely important, conformation, temperament, size, colour & good looks must all be given very careful consideration before the prospective mum & dad are chosen. I have four generations . I like to use a mixture of show & working stock to produce not only good conformation but also to keep the versatility of the breed. Historically, labs were a multi purpose dog & early breeders such as The Duke of Buccleuch, Sir Richard Graham etc. strove not only to keep the breed pure but also to keep its versatility - sadly we seem to be moving away from this, as show dogs become bigger & heavier, & field trial dogs are smaller & lighter - both types evolving to suit a specific function. At Nethersteads, we're setting our sights on the 'old fashioned' labrador - a dog that will work and show, and then settle down to keep you company on cold winter evenings - the perfect companion!

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