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photo by: Shara Halls

We are KC Assured breeders of Tri Colour, Liver /White and Black/ White working type English Springer Spaniels . All our spaniels to be bred from, are health tested and from good trialling and working lines of good temperament, with pups going to working and pet homes.

We provide an individual service with lifetime back up support and advice for the owners , whose pups we have bred and welcome visits before and after you choose your pup.

We have all 4 Kennel Club registered colours for this breed, which as well as Liver and white and Black and white, includes the tri colour marked dogs too, with the liver, white and tan and black, white and tan .

We have 2 cracking very liver and white dogs ,Whistle and Woody and Alfie our Liver, White and Tan very rare Tri colour boy who have been and/or have been used for stud by others also and his son Tor ( Jazz son) who is a black, white and Tan Tri colour too . Woody carries the TRI colour gene. Alfie is a handsome TRI colour boy, Liver, White and Tan. BROC our black and white fellow from the very well known BUCCLEUCH lines.

Woody, Alfie and Tor are all Hip Scored and are available for stud for others too. Broc is intended to be Hip Scored also.

Our girls have had their pups so we are not intending to breed ourselves at this moment in time but the boys still will be.

See our studs on this site and on our own website.

The affix 'TORWIND' was chosen, as when we lived in Cornwall, one of our greatest joys, was to go with our dogs to the moors, as they ran up and climbed tors with their ears blowing back behind them in the wind! In 2004, we moved to Suffolk, where there are less tors(!) but the name still sticks as the pleasure of being out + about with our dogs, when they are enjoying themselves is just as good!

We work a couple of the younger dogs with the others as pets . They have shown that as they come from good working and trialling lines, along with their confident and happy attitude,that the right pup in the right circumstance have been suitable for a working or pet home, as previous owners of our pups could confirm.

Our lives changed dramatically, when we got our first English Springer Spaniel-' Lacey' and in time, met Peter Coombes of Badgercourt spaniels and Lacey was put to one of his super studs and we then went on, to keep their first born son 'Torwind Whistle' who was used for stud for us and widely by others too, and has left a wonderful legacy of super pups.

'Jypsy' a little black/white lady-was the next lady to join us, as an older dog and she was been a super mum and companion.

Rosie' was the next one to join the gang - the lovely daughter of FT CH Moonreed Flush

However, as time went on , then we kept one each of their daughters from each litter in 2008, and so now, the family has increased -with these grown up daughters Tango and Gem- 2 half sisters, both sired by Whistle, who are great fun to have around and also, then kept a Tango little sister- Jazz, black white girl like her mum.!

Due to a wonderful opportunity, we brought a super young dog called Woody, ( FT CH x FTW) who is a perfect adition to the family..and he is producing quality pups of his own, for us and others, who want to use him, due to his stunning good looks, pedigree and temperament.

When we discovered, that a few of our dogs carried the rare recessive gene, that produces TRI colour, we then decided to bring another little man into our home, our TRI colour liver, white and tan dog ALFIE who is now passing on his genes to the next generation and we have kept one of his TRI colour sons TOR who we hope will follow in his father's footsteps :)

We also have our youngest fellow BROC, who comes form the very exciting BUCCLEUCH lines, with both parents being champions and winners.

Many different looks, markings and characters but all are fantastic individuals and full of life!

Jim and Shara Halls

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