Alison and Michael Gallagher
Orchard Villa
N Lincs
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  • Great Dane
Persia relaxing on her sofa

Persia relaxing on her sofa

We got our first Great Dane as a pet for me. We were breeding Golden Retrievers back then and had been for around 15 years.
The thing with Great Danes is they are addictive, when you have one you talk yourself into getting another so yours has a play mate.
That was the start of our journey, we currently have five danes, four bitches, one stud.
We only let our girls have 3 litters as first and foremost my girls are my pets and we only breed from excellent bloodlines.
These gentle giants truly believe they are lap dogs which can be amusing even if somewhat painful at times!
All our dogs live in the house and any litters are raised in the house. I start house training at 4 weeks old so that by 8 weeks they are 90% trained if you follow the same method.

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