Mrs Nicola Garbutt
Hillside Cottage
Carlin How
Saltburn by the S
TS13 4aq
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01287 644161
07974 677902

Breeders of:

  • Standard Poodle

My name is Nicola Garbutt and i live in the north east of England with my husband and son and of course the Tianola Standard Poodles. I have owned and shown poodles since i was 15. I am only a small kennel and i usually only breed when i am wanting to keep something for myself. My main colours are blacks and browns but i have also bred creams as well. All my dogs have there Eye and SA tests done before being used at stud or bred from, they also have there hips scores done as well. Even though my dogs are shown, first and formost they are family pets. For more information or advice please dont hesitate to contact me.
I am also Secretary of Northumbria Poodle Club

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