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Breeders of:

  • Golden Retriever
  • Flat Coated Retriever

Owners of:

  • Irish Water Spaniel
RAVEN & FABLE(at 6 months)

RAVEN & FABLE(at 6 months)

Raven & Fable at play as pups.



Leif has won well in the ring and has sired pups who have his extrovert nature, he enjoys his gundog traing and is very keen. He is Fables father.



BB along with Leif and Fable has her JW and enjoys her showing and Gundog Training. They are all descendents of our original stock going back several generations.



Ebony is our first flatcoat and has proved to be the best introduction we could have had to the breed. She is very obedient,enjoys gundog training and has gained her title in the show ring. She has proved her ability to pass her many virtures to her children.

Founded in 1976 Gloi has shown Golden retrievers since then. We have had 3 Uk champions and numerous others world wide. Our First Flatcoat joined us in 2004 and gained her ShCh title in 2009. From her first litter we kept a daughter who has done exceptionally well in the ring winning 2 Res CCs,her JW and ShCM. Her younger brother has his JW and ShCM, and his two full sisters their JWs. Ebony's grandaughter has just gained her JW giving us our 50th studbook number across the two breeds

Our youngest two goldens are doing well, Mhairi has gained her JW and Kyle has been picking up awards.

We recently have been joined by a young Irish Water Spaniel. Morven is full of energy and is delight to own. She fits in very well with the others has won well at shows.

We show seriously and play at gundog training, which they all enjoy and do very well.
All our dogs are first and foremost members of the family. We have both dogs and bitches who all live together. When we breed temperment is a major consideration and all stock are screened through the available KC & BVA Health Schemes.

We are both Championship show judges and have judged throughout Europe, Scaninavia and Australia.

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