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Teal's Legacy - Family Group April 2011

Teal's Legacy - Family Group April 2011

photo by: Kim Ellis

What a mix!

What a mix!

photo by: Kim Ellis

Blast from the past - Tor, Darwin, Kite & Race

Blast from the past - Tor, Darwin, Kite & Race

photo by: Kim Ellis

Tenfield All At Sea

Tenfield All At Sea

photo by: Kim Ellis

I and my family of Golden Retrievers along with 'Tamu' the Basenji live within two miles of Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain.

I have been owned by Goldens continuously since 1975 and before that owned a Beagle, adding a Basenji in 1978, who was my first real show dog. With my first Golden I competed in obedience and agility and started showing my second Golden in 1985. 'Ramble' won a Reserve CC at two years old and later became a Champion when I moved to Germany on marriage. She also produced my first litter in 1989 and all of my current Goldens have Ramble in their pedigree, including Champion 'Pepper'. There are currently three CC winners living under one roof.

The Tenfield dogs are known for their constantly wagging tails and happy personalities. Biddability is most important to me, I have usually chosen stud dogs that have proved they can work in some way, but temperament always remains my number one priority.

All of my dogs live in the house and share the sofa in the evenings - they are often borrowed by friends for walks, days or short holidays, I even have one out on 'permanent loan' to friends ....... to know them is to love them!

There is usually a waiting list for a home reared Tenfield Golden Retriever puppy and genuine enquiries are welcomed. I ask all buyers to sign a contract and encourage owners to stay in touch. A permanent loving home is my first consideration and I am delighted that many families have returned for a second, a third and even a fourth 'Tenfield' puppy. They are very collectable!

My dogs are pets first and foremost and I show very infrequently compared to many kennels, but I have owned three Champions, another CC winner, three more Reserve CC winners, the Kennel Club's Kennel Gazette Top Junior Warrant Winner (All Breeds) 1999, a PetPlan Junior Stakes Finalist, seven Junior Warrant winners, several Best Puppy in Show winners and most of the dogs have been Open Show Best of Breed and Championship Show winners. Four have won Championship Show Stakes classes. Overall I have owned or bred dogs in the UK who have won between them 8 CCs, 12 Res CCs, 9 Junior Warrants and 16 stud book nunmbers, even though we go to shows only infrequently. Find out more about my dogs by clicking on the link above to visit our website.

I firmly believe all dogs should be capable of doing the job for which they were originally bred. To this end, most of my Goldens have been trained to the gun and I always have a number of dogs who work picking up for a local shoot. I have competed successfully in obedience and agility in the past, and 'Tor' passed both Stages of the Kennel Club's Gundog Working Certificate, one of only a handful of Goldens (including his Junior Warrant winning grandson) to have done so. We were presented with our Certifiicate at the 2006 Game Fair. He is one of 8 Tenfield Goldens to have achieved their Show Gundog Working Certificates.

I endeavour to produce sound healthy dogs from parents who meet all of the requirements for health as laid down by the Kennel Club/British Veterinary Association and who conform to the Kennel Club Breed Standard. I hope to produce an old fashioned type of Golden, sound moving, hopefully long lived, active and brainy!

I am delighted that the handful of dogs bred here that have entered the show ring for others, have all won awards for their owners, including overseas Champions, CAC & Best in Show winners, UK Stud Book Numbers, Res CCs, Junior Warrants, Crufts qualifiers, Open Show Best of Breeds, Best Puppy & Group winners. Tenfield All At Sea won a Ch Show Veteran Stakes class and Ch Unavale Kitywake of Tenfield was Best Veteran at a breed club Ch Show age 12 years; Tenfield Brandysnap of Crowshott was Reserve Best In Show at the Northern Golden Retriever Association Open Show in 2004 and Best Veteran In Show at the United Retriever Club Championship Show in 2005, proving that the Tenfields are 'lasters'. Many Tenfield dogs excel in obedience and agility, proving their all round capability. I am most delighted that the majority are much loved family pets and give much pleasure to their owners. This is what dog breeding is all about!

'Chieftan' is currently at stud and will hopefully be joined by his dark golden nephew Rolo in the summer of 2017, health test permitting - my boys have produced puppies for 'Canine Partners' and 'Dogs for Good' as well as show winners, working gundogs and most importantly much loved pets. Tamu was the sire of the top Basenji Puppy 2010 who quickly gained her Champion title.

The Tenfields have an ongoing relationship with the Charities Canine Partners and Dogs for Good, having produced breeding stock and a demonstration dog for the former and having several dogs partnered and usually at least one in training, for the latter. This is a part of dog breeding that gives the greatest reward, knowing your dogs are helping to transform another person's life.

I have been judging at dog shows since 1982 and have awarded Challenge Certificates since 1994. I was delighted to judge Golden Retriever bitches at the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland Championship Show in April 2009, as well as judging the Basenji Owners & Breeders Association Championship Show in October - a pinnacle year for me as a judge with my two special breeds at Club shows. In 2012 I judged Golden Retriever bitches at Southern Counties Championship Show and Basenjis at the Welsh Kennel Club, another pinnacle year. I have judged many Hound and Gundog groups at Open Shows, also Terrier Groups and Best in Show and have judged overseas in many European countries, most excitingly in Calcutta, India. Judging is one of my greatest pleasures.

'Crisp' otherwise known as EMORLEN LYSANDER AT TENFIELD is an impeccably bred Beagle and lives with my parents in County Durham. He is an Open Show Best of Breed winner and was exhibited at Crufts 2007. Crisp is a veteran now, but still very much part of the Golden (and Basenji) family when he comes to stay.

If you have a Tenfield Golden Retriever or close relative. please look for the Tenfield Golden Retrievers Extended Family (Closed) Group on Facebook. This is an active support group for owners and also a place to share photos and stories.

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