Kennel Club Assured Labradoodle Breeders (no joke !)

10th May 2013 - in Breeding

Last year I joked on the Champdogs Forum that The Kennel Club would soon to be registering Labradoodles on their breed register and allowing Labradoodle breeders to enter their Assured Breeders Scheme. As you can see from the reponses to the forum post my April Fool's joke was not swallowed by many. Probably as it was a little bit too implausible to be true, or was it ... ?

We have recently been contacted by a Labrador breeder who wanted us to add the Labradoodle to the breed listings on Champdogs because they had been approached by the Kennel Club to become, in her words, "The 2nd KC breeder for their first cross-breed (Labradoodle)".

The breeder in question, who has only so far bred KC registered Labradors went on to explain, during a visit in January, she had been encouraged by a Kennel Club representative to start breeding Labradoodles.

The representative explained to the breeder :

"There was a huge demand for Labradoodles and currently only one UK KC breeder".


"The Labradoodle is the first cross-breed the KC are supporting in order to prevent the high demand being produced outside of KC regulations. The Kennel Club want it done decently and correctly because they appreciate that there is a demand for certain cross breeds and that the breeders need to be monitored and supported."

As Champdogs only lists KC and FCI recognised breeds we have not added the breed to our lists but will certainly watch developments with interest.

  • 10th May 2013 12:51 - Posted by : Collingvale

    and presumable if regd breeders become just that then said parents will be required to have the appropriate breed health tests before they can advertise interesting and also very strange if true

  • 10th May 2013 13:04 - Posted by : tunesi

    I would like the cockapoo to be added also to ensure this popular and lovely breed is recognised and protected.

  • 10th May 2013 13:17 - Posted by : Dundalk

    KC Assured breeders scheme is differant to a new breed being registered as a pedigree I would think?, we have new breeds come from abroad and they have excisted for many years and have to go on the import register. But if it stops puppy farmers breeding them and all health checks are done then better for the people who by x breeds

  • 10th May 2013 13:49 - Posted by : Nova

    "Stop the world I want to get off"

    Mind you would be interested to see the standard, imagine it would read medium size dog with four legs, otherwise please yourself!

  • 10th May 2013 14:24 - Posted by : Dundalk

    I think it is a good idea to have them as assured breeders at least people can then buy puppies from health checked parents and it also limits them to 4 litters a year unless they have a licence, that has to be sent to KC to register over 4 litters. This stops the people breeding for large profits and abusing the public as well as the dogs. SO GREAT NEWS FOR ME some control over them and health checks. The assured breeder scheme does not mean the x breed has been recognised as a breed. Anyone who has this x breed and joins good for you for being responsible breeders.

  • 10th May 2013 15:45 - Posted by : NORTHBORDERS

    At the end of the day they are a Mongrel and encouraging such breeding should be stopped and now ! Yes I agree the benefits for breeding more healthy MONGRELS bodes well for the dogs but this Designer dog breeding should be discouraged not encouraged, If the public is stupid enough to BUY one of these dogs at the inflated price then they haven`t done their homework and shouldn`t be buying a dog till they have done their homework

  • 10th May 2013 16:18 - Posted by : ChristineW

    Sorry, last time I looked these are actually crossbreeds, they have a silly tag stick on them to make them sellable.

    I would like to see deliberate breeding of any crossbreed phased out completely, not encouraged!

  • 10th May 2013 17:10 - Posted by : MARTYN P


  • 10th May 2013 17:37 - Posted by : Stephen Clayforth

    Any dog, crossbreed or otherwise, can be added to the KC ACTIVITY register therefore giving these breeders a legitimate reason to advertise them as KC registered dogs.

  • 10th May 2013 19:22 - Posted by : Yvonne

    Kennel Club registered doesnt mean they check the breeder out. It doesnt mean that the breed has undergone any tests.

  • 10th May 2013 20:27 - Posted by : Jean benfield

    It is beyond my comprehension,a mongrel is a crossbreed no matter what other name it is given

  • 10th May 2013 22:17 - Posted by : Atticus

    Any chance of a BULLdog SHIHTzu cross being next on the list?!

  • 11th May 2013 11:17 - Posted by : Mike Davidsohn

    In my capacity of chairman of the Pedigree Dog Defence Group I have asked the KC to clarify and have been assured that " nobody has approached this person in the manner that has been suggested".

    My guess is that this is Labramongrel supporters making mischief.

  • 13th May 2013 07:25 - Posted by : Robenger

    Where would this end? There would be no end to the number of mongrel cross breeds that could be invented. If true, this would be a bad mistake.

  • 14th May 2013 15:10 - Posted by : Sue

    Martin P - where is the correlation between ABS members and Licensed breeders? both can exist independently of each other -many ABS members are small scale breeders who may produce a litter once a year or less.


    Anyhow - I digress - this does seem a bit "off the wall" - however - love or loathe these crosses - consumer demand remains high and just as with pedigrees - something MUST be done to stop people buying from Back Yard Breeders and Puppy Farmers.

    Many genuine lovers of these crosses relish their unpredictable type & don't want them formalised into a breed. The novelty puppy buyers will go one way or another (and if poorly bred - that is often into rescue)

    It was only recently I was made aware that cross-breeds and unregistered dogs can be registered on the KC's activity register and their health-tests if submitted will be published on their records and in the BRS in exactly the same way as pedigrees.

    The BVA also now has a published mean score and rolling 5 year average for Labrador / Poodle crosses - a clear indication that there are x breeders using some or all of the recommended health tests for their "parent" breeds.

  • 24th June 2013 14:45 - Posted by : Pam

    Hi, I am looking for a breeder to come along to The All about Dogs Show in August to promote the breed is any one interested in coming along.

  • 25th July 2013 00:13 - Posted by : Christine

    Can't believe the stupidity of some people paying over inflated prices for a crossbreed puppy, they have no idea what the dog or its coat will look like when it reaches maturity. Reputable breeders spend, maybe a lifetime breeding out the imperfections. I am gutted for them and for the breed... I have met quite a few Labradoodles, and honestly feel when you see a pedigree standard poodle majestic and proud standing next to the lab/poodle there is no comparison. It's like buying a Mini with a Bentley badge on it......

  • 24th August 2013 15:29 - Posted by : Mark Bodycote

    Until the KC sorts its inbreeding problems out with science and enforcement I for one would not like the cross of labradoodles to be dragged into its mess. When I see no more breed health problems with Kc dogs (they are still there even in champion lines!) then it may be time to allow this cross to be looked at . Until then KC sort your own back yard out first.

  • 24th August 2013 20:32 - Posted by : Susan

    Christine,as a real dog lover we do not need to worry what our labradoodles coat will turn out like,we love them because they are a great dog,not because they can stand in a poncy stance or be groomed into an inch of their lives or be there just to make money from.....

  • 7th September 2013 19:33 - Posted by : Sandy Frobisher

    I think we need to keep a couple of things out of this subject, if we are discussing whether the KC decide to allow KCABS honours to these Breeders.
    There are Breeders holding this title, believe me, that i would never buy a puppy we need to ensure that everything is done asmuch as possible, to produce high breeding standards and therefore protect both dogs and potential buyers.
    It would be a big mistake if we based our decisions on the fact that these puppies fetch XYZ pounds or that they were cross-breeds, to exclude them.
    We should be doing everything we can to ensure that all Breeders are doing it right.
    My main worry about these crosses isn't the fact that there people out there prepared to pay high figures for the pups (that's their business after all) but the fact that there may be health implications involved.
    A lot of time and effort has been put into investigating, recognising and putting in place, checks that can be carried out to try and eliminate some of the inherited problems. What health check are in place for these cross-breeds?

  • 9th September 2013 21:42 - Posted by : Collingvale

    Cockerpoos are not a breed they are a crossbreed..

  • 4th October 2013 19:33 - Posted by : Chazlaw German Shepherds

    What I find amazing is that people will pay in many instances such a lot of money for what is essentially a crossbreed. Giving them a fancy name tag does not make them a BREED unfortunately Joe public does not always fully understand what they are getting. Making them acceptable as breeders I worry that this will confuse people even more. We have had several owners with such crossbreeds who have come to our training school with behaviour problems since these cross breeds become more popular. Basucally if you get the worst genes of both the breeds in a puppy you can end up with a youngster that is out of control. Yes I accept this can happen with pedigree dogs and I am not a snob just a bit worried that some breeders of these crosses seem to be trying to convince buyers that these puppies are not true crossbreeds because both parents are predigree dogs albeit different breeds. How can you better a breed that does not exist and the argument that not everyone can afford a full pedigree puppy is out weighed with the price these puppies are sold for.

  • 3rd November 2013 08:57 - Posted by : ALLEGRETTI


  • 12th December 2013 17:51 - Posted by : Mike Davidsohn

    If it has doodle or poo at the end of its name

  • 22nd December 2013 23:53 - Posted by : Rosie

    All labradoodle owners I have met seem to have bought this first cross have no idea of how to look after a dog they seem to have no control and the dog ends up extremely happy as they can do what they likr! Bark constantly, jump up at everyone etc etc. Happy cross. But why wouldnt they be. Theyre top dog in their own homes. Designer name for owners who have zero idea of dog care. I have a springer crossed with a flat coated retriever, is she a flinger, flatter? Gawd, knows, shes my lovele
    y mutt and fab!

  • 12th January 2014 11:05 - Posted by : Lorraine Jones

    I noticed there were no comments from the Kennel Club regarding the labradoodle.

  • 17th January 2014 14:00 - Posted by : JANET HAMMOND

    All very interesting! While out walking with my very handsome apricot standard poodle Teddy Bear, I met a neighbour. He started speaking about a friend that had just had a litter of "labradoodles". He spoke in high praise of them saying they are £750 each. I mentioned that they aren't recognised by the Kennel Club but he said they are!! So Joe Public may think they are and not query otherwise.

  • 20th January 2014 21:27 - Posted by : Kim

    I am interested where everyone advocating that crossbreeds are the scurge of the earth thinks that 'purebreeds' come from?
    Unless some of you can state categorically that you know Adam & Eve created a specific breed and it can be proven that no other breed has ever been crossed into it I think it is all rather hypocritical.
    It is fact that all breeds benefit from outcrossing to improve health, type and temperament.
    I am sure the Kennel Club do not approve, less dogs are being registered with them and thus lessening their power and revenue

  • 22nd March 2014 06:53 - Posted by : Steve

    As an owner of a kc registered and one if the oldest breeds of dog an italian spinone I'm disgusted that a cross breed may be entered and kc registered. All these fashionable cross breeds in my day were referred to as mongrels.

    Where would this stop..... Joke

  • 1st April 2014 19:17 - Posted by : Jane smith

    I heifer with allergies and I'm a very proud owner of a loving, clever,sociable Labradoodle. Yes, crossbreed or mongrel, but for all the knowledge some people appear to have about their own 'pure breed', they may find it interesting to look into their own origination.

  • 9th April 2014 21:22 - Posted by : helen

    i have 2 pure breed dogs when i come across people who have designer cross breeds , they delight in telling me oh its a cockerpoo etc then brag how much they pay, for a mongrel i always reply are you mad !!, i have known people who breed from these mongrels and are proud of it, fools the lot of them !!!!

  • 4th August 2014 01:43 - Posted by : shawn

    Im 45 and back in the day , my husky bred with a roaming male lab , The pups were just given away . I think a lot of these breeders so - called designer breeders arnt trying to improve on the breed , its all about money.. Im currently looking to buy a puppy for my son and a good example , on kijiji most if not all the cross bred mutt , last name ending in oodles are 1000 bucks on average , and double oodles are 2000 ... Like come on ! So id sooner have a nice pure bred spaniel that's been bred for certain traits than for profit..

  • 2nd October 2014 13:40 - Posted by : Jacquie

    How do you all think dogs of the breeds we know and love today came about...they was crossed with another or several other breeds at some point. Do your homework please before condemning these or any other "as you refer to" cross breed dogs. Look back in any dogs ancestry and most if not all was cross bred at some Point. Whats in a bull-mastiff? (Just one example).

  • 20th October 2014 13:50 - Posted by : Edda

    Wow the snobbery on here with regards to Labradoodle owners is amazing! Joe Public? How insulting. Just because people happen to love these silly, fluffy, intelligent dogs does not mean they are stupid. So called 'pure-bred' dogs may be predictable with regards to coat and appearance etc but this does not mean they have no diseases or are in any way perfect. What a ridiculous conversation this is. If you love dogs then does it really matter what the dog turns out like? To suggest that anyone who prefers pure-breds is somehow more intelligent is laughable, as the spelling in some of these posts seems to prove :)

  • 22nd February 2015 07:07 - Posted by : emzy

    I think of all the cross breeds the labradoodle and the lurcher really need monitoring by kc at breeding stage. Lurchers are overbred, and as a result alot end up being abandoned, and the dogs used to breed are very rarely health tested (I have recently lost a lurcher bitch who wasn't quite 2 years old yet due to health problems that have also been seen in other lilittermates).
    I know lurchers can have an unlimited combination of breeds mixed with any sighthousighthound, so unlike lab x poodle there can be more breed related checks needed doing, but after losing such a young dog and so many being abandoned either for health reasons, they chase, etc I think there needs to be a list of approved breeders who don't just sell to anyone, but also breed responsibly to reduce the chance of inherited health problems. Hopefully that way less end up going to the wrong home. Obviously even kcregistered approved breeders can see the odd puppy go to an unsuitable owner through misfortune but seems to happen less often as kc website gives plenty of breed information to lower the risk of people buying the wrong breed

  • 23rd February 2015 15:00 - Posted by : Lesley

    Isn't it intersting that this topic generates such interest?! Rightly so There are Labradoodles and there are Labradoodles - I think the KC, by accepting and promoting a standard would prevent many cross breeds/mongrols from ending up in rehoming centres when they fail to meet expectations - (ususally they shed hair when they were supposed not to),and the person who has bred has no obligation. Something should be done and if the KC really wants to promote welfare it needs to get off its pedestal and work towards accepting a standard and the breed.

  • 1st April 2015 11:01 - Posted by : Chris Freeman

    Comment awaiting review

  • 1st April 2015 11:07 - Posted by : Charles Darwin

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