A Wet Sloppy Kiss

24th October 2012 - in General

Hi Honey I'm Home

Every single time my Mum comes home, she kisses me smack on the lips !!!

I really enjoy her coming home, in fact I enjoy all the members of my family coming home so that I can play, be fussed and receive their love and affection, let alone food, in fact I get so excited at her return that I sometimes jump for joy !!!

But can someone please tell me why she has this strange habit of kissing me, smack on the lips ???

It's a bit odd really and I see humans do it to each other and seemingly quite enjoy it, but us dogs are not quite so, shall we say, demonstrative in this manner. Besides that, for us dogs, it is totally unproductive, so what is the point ???

A dog provides so many functions and in so many ways within the household and family, but for many people and women in particular, dogs are there to be cared for, loved and nurtured, just as though they were the children of the family.

It doesnít matter whether the dog is a Yorkshire Terrier or a Rottweiler, they still seem to get the same treatment, albeit the bigger dogs tend to get the kisses on the top of the head and their faces, whereas the smaller dogs, that are of a similar size to human babies get a large wet sloppy kiss full on the lips from the girls !!!

Coming Back as a Dog

Makes you want to come back as a dog next time doesnít it guys ???

Although women tend to actually do this more than men, it doesnít mean that the men donít want to behave in this way. It is just our culture that some men are unable or unwilling to show their emotions, which is a great shame and this is often manifested in all things that they do in life.

On the other hand men are more likely to show affection to dogs, than they are to other humans. It is a well known fact that men often go to great extremes to avoid physical contact with others of their own kind in public, with some unsubstantiated and irrational fear of being labelled. However, strange as though it may seem, this same man that shies away from openly demonstrating tenderness and affection in public, will be just as daft as most women in their willingness to pat, stroke and cuddle dogs.

Men who are sure of themselves, their sexuality and their standing within the community at large, will even kiss their dogs in public and think nothing of it.

The reason that we behave in this way is that unlike virtually all other forms of life, we have created a life-long need to care for all living things. It is believed that this has evolved from the need to care for of our children over a protracted period of time. It is interesting to note that puppies have fully developed brains by the time they are twelve weeks old and can even take care of themselves from about 24 weeks of age and thus become competition for their parents.

Human brains take far longer to develop with some parts of the brain taking 18 years to mature !!! (Enough said about that). So in the survival of the fittest, nurturing was beneficial for both parent and offspring.

Confusing Signals

Thus kissing becomes a visible and demonstrative sign of caring, which is ok for us humans and quite nice it is as well !!! Although for dogs it serves no practical purpose whatsoever and as such can frustrate your dog. A Motherís lips on a dogs lips is a sign of nurturing because the pup then knows that Mum is going to regurgitate masticated and partly digested food, which is readily eaten by the hungry pups. In some Countries and human cultures, food is chewed by the Mother and then passed to the child with a kiss.

But in the dog-owning Western World, a human kiss is SYMBOLIC and not PRODUCTIVE. So by all means stroke, pat, and provide physical and verbal communication with your dog, but donít confuse them with a kiss...