Angela Boyd

I am in my mid-60s and have had dogs since I was a child, when my parents had a mongrel, followed by a lovely liver and white Pointer who lived until he was 15 yrs old. Not being able to find a suitable Pointer puppy successor for him, my parents bought a GSP puppy dog instead.

I worked in the classical record industry in London, where I organised many major classical records (some of which won Grammy awards) and was involved in international marketing and promotion. I then took business studies courses for the DMS and DipCIM at the Anglian Regional Management Centre in Essex Masters programme in Business Administration at the University of Bath.

I then bought my first GSP bitch (Birkenwald Anushka). Since then I have bred on from her, brought in American import, Buck Hollow Tabor of Wildbach and am now six generations on from them. I enjoyed working my dogs on local shoots in Somerset and showing them at Open and Championship shows.

In 1981 I helped with the founding of the GSP rescues and started, with 3 colleagues, GSP Rescue (Devon/Somerset) for which I was "Secretary" and chief rescuer/rehomer. I handed this on to others after eighteen years in the "driving seat".