Sophia Taylor

My name is Sophia and I run the "On the Scent" Dog Training School in Suffolk.

I started training dogs (well the handlers really !) over ten years ago, friends and family mainly, who were having issues with their much loved family members.

Enjoying the challenge so much I decided to start up the business and see if I could actually earn a living from it but not without doing some training myself, and getting fully insured. So I started the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Dog Trainers and Behaviorists and three years ago I applied to the Guild of Dog Trainers for which I was accepted and I am now one of a number of Master Trainers. The highest grade possible with the Guild.

We have two dogs now, Guinness, our German black and white German Pointer and Spider, our black working cocker spaniel. Sadly, we had to have Otis(Guinness son) put to rest in September 2010 due to a Neurological disorder, he was only five years of age. We also have five cats and three horses. All keep us busy and fit.